Speaker at 4th Indra India Innovation Summit

Shanavas M S, co-founder and Director was invited as a speaker at the 4th Indra India Innovation Summit held at Pune (28th & 29th Jan 2011)

Director - Tycka Design

He spoke about DESIGN THINKING - Fostering Creativity at Grassroots. Innovation through 'Design Thinking' is in the forefront when it comes to work culture at TYCKA Design. Case studies and activities undertaken by our inhouse team with corporates as well as with school children were featured in the presentation. more..

Intutive Circuit Patented.

Intutive Circuit, a technological innovation which is capable of distinguishing between a loss of power due to opening of line switch and a loss of power resulting from a line failure when the line switch is either open or close has been granted provisional patent. This is one of the first technology patents files under TYCKA's NPI programmes.


The company aims in developing potential products using the technology and licencing the technology to leading players in the lighting and UPS industry. This programme was a collaborative effort with individual technocrats who are currently co-inventors and stake holders of the project.

TYCKA DESIGN takes design to school.

This year also marked a beginning of a unique initiative to spread design awareness among the young generation.
Design Pod conducted by s already in progress in a city international school. The current programme will stretch over a period of ten weeks.


The programme aims in giving insights on design thinking with the help of creative sessions and workshops within the school premises. In the coming academic year, the initiative aims to conduct similar programme in other schools as well. Our Director has also been a visiting faculty in a Post Graduate School of Design in the past. more..

Mou with Funskool

TYCKA Design has entered into a MoU with FUNSKOOL (INDIA) Ltd, a leading toy company in the Indian Market.


Under the MoU, TYCKA Design will engage with Funskool to develop toys and games for the Indian Market. Funckool is also a part of MRF Group and is a joint venture company with Hasbro USA.

Best Of Innovation 2008
Designed and developed by our in house designers for IFI Systems (US) was launched during CES 2008, in Las Vegas. Build on a patented technology from Sarnoff supported by Texas Instruments, this product was nominated in the “Best of Innovation” category in CES 2008, Las Vegas.


Child Tether tracks children in a wide variety of environments both inside and outside, in places like malls, supermarkets and other shopping areas, parks, playgrounds, campsites, amusement parks, airports, subways and more. They are meant to be used by parents, grandparents, babysitters and anyone else who has to look after small children.

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