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What kind of services do you offer? How can you help us in our business?

Our core strength is "Industrial Design / Product Design" and we leverage our capability through collaboration and association with organizationS and individuals to provide high quality end-to-end solutions.

Services Offered :

Development of product Roadmap
Development of design strategy
Product innovation through design thinking
New product development
Product upgradation
Product engineering
Manufacturing liaison

What are the new services you offer other than product design & development?

Since April 2011, we are offering technical illustrations as a full fledge service to customers worldwide. Requirements like product installation manuals, product assembly manuals, quick start guides, product operational manuals and operational instructions can be addressed. Illustrations in meduims like print, web, multi media presentaions are being offered.

New services :

Technical Illustration in various medium

What is unique about TYCKA services?

At TYCKA, we deliver designs that simply work well and look good ! Our solutions are high on creativity and innovation and we deliver them in the simplest manner.

New product development requires a mindset that is dynamic, flexible and be ready to change inside out. At TYCKA we live that culture and often make us easy to work with our clients.

How do we engage with TYCKA?

We could work on a fixed price project or on a retainer.

We recommend fixed price projects for those projects which have high certainity and clear specification.

When you are working on products that may have multiply varients and which may share common input/ output,it is benificial to work on a retainer model with TYCKA. If the client is able to generate continous work for at least six months, then a retainer model can bring in atleast 30% benefit compared to fixed price projects.

How do i provide requirement specification to TYCKA?

A clear requirement specification is required for correct cost and time estimation and will also result in the most optimised design solution. Use the design specification template to provide design specificaion to TYCKA. Fill in as much as possible and forward it to info@tycka.in to get an estimate for your project.

>> download design specification template

How long does a typical ID project take at TYCKA?

Typical industrial design projects take about four to six weeks at TYCKA. However it will vary from project to project as can be estimated on request.

How many concepts/ solutions do you provide for a typical design project?

We have a robust design process which mixes method with maddness. Generally our ideation sessions will produce more than 60 idea sketches which will be refined to arrive at three to five client options.

How do we evaluate your concepts?

Concepts are generally evaluated against design specifications that are freezed during the initial phase of the project. TYCKA will generate a pug matrix to objectively evaluate each concept. TYCKA will provide clients with an evaluation matrix which will assist you in the evaluation process.

How much do you involve us in your design process?

Cleints are very much part of the design process. During the initial phase of the design process, TYCKA designers incubate the design problem along with clients. Inputs related to customer needs, competitors, trends and other market intelligence are understood with help of clients. We believe that 'A problem well-understood is a problem half-solved'.

Can you take up product development that require multi-domain expertise?

In this era of convergence, few products exist that thrive on single domain. Over the years TYCKA have partnered with organisations and consultants from various domians to arrive at the most optimum solutions for our products. We can take up product developement that require multi-domain expertise. By multi domain we mean products that may involve embedded electronics, software & hardware, mechatronics etc.

Can You provide tooling and prototyping support?

Most of our project deliverables include working prototypes. We have excellent relationship with local as well as international vendors who ultimately could be your suppliers. We can seamlessly bridge the product development phase with the manufacturing phase, thus engaging the client and the supplier during the process. Providing tooling and prototyping support is one of the key advantages working with TYCKA.

Can you manufacture small quantities for market testing?

TYCKA has a dedicated team which take care of prototyping activities. Batch manufacturing for smaller quantities that may be required for market testing, compliance testing and the likes can be taken up by this dedicated team.

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